From DIY Flavored Bitters to Garden-Inspired Cocktails

 - Jul 25, 2015
Between the onset of cottage season and the host of long weekends fast approaching, these July 2015 drinking trends are defined by summery cocktails and experiential bars that speak to both DIY culture and the pursuit of shared experiences.

As craft cocktail culture continues to permeate both establishments and at-home bar activities, everything from cocktail recipes that make the most of seasonal produce to DIY bitters kits emerge as solid alternatives to going out to the bar.

In another area of drinking culture is the various patterns that can be observed as of late in terms of beer branding. From dark imagery that plays up the concepts of ritual to nautical packaging that projects the image of a tight-knit seaside microbrewing community, there are plenty of ways that independent beer producers are doing to highlight the unique complexities of their product.