This Delicious Wine Cocktail Works Best With Chilean Frontera Wines

 - Jun 3, 2015
References: boulderlocavore
Beer may be the quintessential summer beverage for many, but those in the know will tell you that there's nothing that can match a well-prepared summer wine cocktail. This particular Al Fresco cocktail recipe calls for four very simple ingredients -- Chilean Frontera Chardonnay wine, lime, cucumber and simple syrup.

The Chardonnay used in this wine cocktail is fruity and sweet, and works wonderfully well with the cooling cucumbers and those tangy limes. To prepare, mash together one lime and quarter of a large cucumber (or half a small cucumber) along with one lime and four ounces of Chardonnay, preferable the Chilean-made Frontera. Then shake together the mixture with ice.

Serve with a cucumber twist for a wonderfully refreshing wine cocktail that will keep you cool, comfortable and chilled out this summer.