The 'Polar Ice Tray' is Designed for Making High-Quality Ice Cubes at Home

 - Jun 7, 2015
References: polaricetray & kickstarter
The 'Polar Ice Tray' is designed to help you make crystal clear ice cubes that will help enhance the quality of any chilled beverage. The patented device uses advanced technology to remove air bubbles and other impurities to produce high-quality ice cubes right inside your refrigerator.

Unlike regular ice cube trays, the Polar Ice Tray separates the water molecules from any impurities to produce crystal clear ice cubes. Not only do the crystal ice cubes look cleaner, they also have a smaller surface area than regular ice cubes, which allows them to melt at a slower rate. Slower melting ice cubes means that your drink will stay colder for longer without dilution.

To produce the high-quality ice cubes, simply add water to the Polar Ice Tray, place in the freezer and wait for a few hours. The end result will be crystal clear ice cubes that will help enhance the taste of any beverage with a pure and crisp taste.