- Aug 20, 2015
Though it may have been considered a niche market in North America, the prevalence of video game-inspired clothing, accessories and decor items is a clear indicator of the ever-growing popularity of the video gaming subculture in our society.

No longer restricted to just playable electronic games, the variety of video game-inspired products ranges from more obvious items like personal apparel, sneakers and glassware to somewhat bizzare fare like full-sized game controller coffee tables, pixelated women's panties and even wedding engagement rings for the truly dedicated.

The popularity of video game items may have something to do with the appeal they seem to have on multiple generations. Beside a whole new demographic of gamers who enjoy modern console games, everyone from baby boomers to millennials can also feel a nostalgia for past gaming franchises from the 70s, 80s and the 90s as well.

From Vintage Video Game Decor to 8-Bit Alien Necklaces: