The Pixel Plaid Invader Blanket Leaves one Nostalgic

Paying tribute to retro arcade game 'Space Invaders' the Pixel Plaid Invader blanket from Hooklook is handmade using an intricate crocheting technique. The iconic game, designed by Tomohiro Nishikado and released in 1978 still remains one of the most popular electronic games in history and has been referenced in the worlds of fashion, art and hand-made crafts.

This hand-crafted blanket features a pixelated image of a space invader and is made from a series of blue and white gradients of wool. The fun sleep accessory is the perfect gift for a galaxy-obsessed gamer or alien enthusiast.

The Pixel Plaid Invader blanket from Hooklook is a unique gift or home accessory that adds a fun and gamer-inspired accent to any kids room or nerdy man cave interior.