- Sep 4, 2014
Etsy toys are the most diverse and wide-ranging collection of toys you'll find. Whether you're looking to buy something for your nephew's third birthday, your daughter's sweet 16 or your buddy's 30th, there's a toy out there on Etsy that is sure to tickle their fancy. After all, who said toys are strictly for children?

That being said, Etsy toys do not eschew classic toy styles in favor of more wacky offerings. Rather, they literally offer something for everyone. There are toys akin to the ones we all grew up with, inspired by comic book figures, pop culture icons, cute animals and so on. But there are also toys for older children with specific tastes in themes including horror, science and art.

There are even toys that act as plush instructional manuals for putting together alcoholic beverages. Just make sure you don't accidentally pick up one of these for that three-year-old nephew.

From Tentacled Super Heroes to Alcoholic Fruit Toys: