Yo-Yos Handcrafted From Sustainable Harvested Woods

 - Jun 3, 2009   Updated: Aug 10 2011
References: etsy
Handcrafted classic toys are always a joy to get your little guys to play with because it brings you back to a simpler time when you were a child.

This handmade wooden yo-yo is a treat to your child and the sustainable harvested woods from which it comes from (wood is getting used productively, right?). Every yo-yo from Ben Floeter & Natalie Wright's Etsy shop is different, having unique shaping and personality too.

Implications - Consumers are continuously looking for unique enhancements to everyday products and common items. Companies can attract a specific group of buyers by offering customized or specialized items that incorporate innovative design elements to popular products. The environmental influence in this toy design will appeal to customers who place importance on sustainability and eco-friendly products.