- Aug 21, 2013
While opting to commute on a bike is already a more sustainable way to get around town, these eco-friendly bicycles are offering ways for cyclists to go one step further to infuse a more environmentally beneficial method into the process.

Reducing gas and emissions in the air by riding your bike to school or work is certainly a commendable way to help out the environment. And these eco-friendly bicycles are here to help even more by providing cycling vehicles that are even more conducive to helping the natural environment. From elegant bicycle designs that are creatively made from wood or bamboo to those that utilize unique solar-powering techniques, these eco-friendly bicycles will definitely offer you a greener way to get around town.

Perfect for individuals looking to give back to the environment, these eco-friendly bicycles will have you cruising around in style while simultaneously having a clear piece of mind.

From All-Weather Eco Cycles to Hydrogen-Powered Bicycles: