CHERUBIM Air Line Racers are Curvy and Slick

 - Mar 6, 2012
References: & hypebeast
The new CHERUBIM Air Line model by the Tokyo-based bike company is its newest design, promoted as the most aerodynamic bicycle the company has created. Revolving around the concept of removing any hard angles that would cause wind resistance in traditional bike designs, the CHERUBIM Air Line model is intended for optimal performance in time trial events such as the Hour Record and Velodrome.

The bike’s "integrated electrical shifting system" and "31.8 steel seat tubing" permit the rider to elegantly maneuver around a course while the low wind drag simultaneously allows for optimal speed. The CHERUBIM Air Line is a ravishingly red racer that is sure to inspire future deviations from the standard bike model as well as impressing racers in future events.