- Feb 9, 2014
Any avid cyclist looking to get a little adventurous with their routine will surely be fascinated with these oddly enhanced bicycles, which feature extreme cycling concepts.

Cycling is a great eco-friendly alternative to driving around town, but with modern technology constantly advancing everyday features, bicycles are getting revamped with inventive add-ons and eclectic transformations. Perfect for those looking to amp up their bike-riding experience with adventurous features and high-tech additions, these creatively enhanced bicycles are transforming the way people ordinarily get around. From bicycles that feature convenient foldable concepts to those that can tread water and multitask in different situations, these inventive rides are sure to widen the appeal of eco-friendly commuting.

Showcasing how giving back to the environment can be just as fun and entertaining, these oddly enhanced bicycles will definitely make any cycling experience something to remember.

From Water-Treading Bicycles to Multitasking Flying Bicycles: