Seat Post Trick Lock Maximizes on Material with Integrated Protection

 - Dec 14, 2012
References: tuvie
This concept of the Seat Post Trick Lock is utterly ingenious! It incorporates the function of a bicycle lock with the standard design of your trusty two-wheeler. With this clever system, you no longer need to carry a heavy U-lock, D-lock or uncuttable cord because the best features of these products can be found within your frame.

Once you've reached your destination, yank your bike seat out of the tube with its inner shaft attached. You'll discover that a connected cable is stored inside and it's tipped with a strong metal nib. A hole in the back of the pole is where you insert the cord's end, after it's been wrapped around your wheel and frame. Cao Ming's Seat Post Trick Lock has a dial combination pad for releasing the catch later.