These Tim Lewis Sculptures are Bizarre and Crafty

Birdwatching may still be a popular hobby in some circles; however, bird-making is something better left to professionals like British artist Tim Lewis. His recent creation, titled 'Pony,' is an ostrich-like mechanical robot that pulls a giant wheelchair reminiscent of a Penny-Farthing bicycle in much the same way as a horse might pull a carriage. As if this wasn't surreal enough, the head and feet of the ostrich are made to resemble human hands. You can't find this stuff in a zoo, but you can find it in a gallery.

If you were to go to the Flowers Gallery in London, you could see Lewis's work live. Much of it is in the same whimsical vein as his Pony sculpture. They are wonderfully weird creations that inspire curiosity and perplexity in their viewer.