From Animal Skeleton Accessories to Live Insect Brooches

 - Nov 28, 2013
Any fashionista looking to add some wacky accents to their ordinary ensembles will absolutely adore these eccentric brooches, which offers the chance to add some eclectically over-the-top features to any outfit.

Brooches and pins are fun and easy ways to add unique personalized touches to an ordinary ensemble, and while most pins often feature floral designs or typographic images, these eccentric brooches are offering a much more abstract take on these fashion accessories. Featuring such quirky designs as extinct prehistoric creatures, arcade game references and even live insects, these eccentric brooches will definitely showcase your eclectic personality for all to see.

From faux finger jewelry to pizza-shaped pins, these eccentric brooches will definitely add a humorously wacky touch to any outfit.