The Lulaila Felt Brooches by El Jardin de Lulaila

Lulaila--a weird word, isn´t it? Made by El Jardin de Lulaila, a Spanish fashion accessories brand, a Lulaila is a felt doll that is turned into a brooch. Along with the Lulaila felt brooch, the brand offers pins, handbags, necklaces, earrings and headdresses.

But a Lulaila is not only an stylish brooch, a Lulaila can be the felt representation of a famous person or group of people. For instance, El Jardin de Lulaila offers various collections of Lulailas including Les Petites, Les Mytiques, and the Spanish Maharani of Kapurthala.

If you don´t want to wear the representation of someone else on your lapel, you can also have El Jardin de Lulaila create a custom and exclusive Lulaila inspired by you!