The Butterphant Brooch by Candy Bandits Stylishly Morphs Two Animals

 - May 29, 2011
References: etsy
The Butterphant Brooch desinged by Melbourne-based accessory designer Candy Bandits boasts an extremely peculiar and uncommon design. The felt brooch features the face of a charming elephant with ears that are shaped and patterned like the beautiful wings of a monarch butterfly. The odd combination of one of the animal kingdom's heaviest animals fused with the world's most delicate insects somehow works wonderfully. The Butterphant Brooch is certainly a bizarre concept, but this hand-stitched brooch is positively adorable.

The Butterphant Brooch is available with a variety of colored wings including orange, soft yellow, lush purple, turquoise, orange and lime green. The Butterphant Brooch can be worn as an accessory or used to decorate furniture such as pillows or curtains. These cute and peculiar brooches are available for purchase online at the Candy Bandits Etsy store for approximately $50 each.