- Jul 14, 2015
Floral bridal accessories are perfect for the bold bohemian bride as well as the ultra feminine bride. These fresh accessories add an extra magical flair to an already magical day.

Floral headpieces are the go-to accessory for the nomadic bride going for an ethereal hippie look. Such head adornments as Aleishla Lopez' floral head wreath or a DIY flower crown nicely complements a celestial wedding gown or empyrean nuptials. For the nontraditional bride that is looking for something more modern, a temporary tattoo may be the best floral accessory. Emily Geraghty's dried flower tattoos create an unmatched edge that is best suited for a tropical wedding.

These floral bridal accessories also include a wide range of interesting bouquets from multicolored crochet arrangements to bouquets featuring gigantic paper flowers.

From Beautiful Brooch Bouquets to Upcycled Bridal Headpieces: