These Flower-Accented Headpieces are Simple and Easy to Make

Incorporating floral arrangements and designs into fashion accessories is a great way to add a bit of natural beauty into our outfits, and these awesome DIY floral headbands are not only strikingly beautiful, they're also easy to make.

While you can easily purchase a multitude of headpieces at the mall, there's something utterly satisfying about making something all by yourself. What you need for this DIY activity is some fake flowers, a copper wire headband and some beads for some extra bling. Simply remove the stems of the flower, poke a hole through the middle with the wire, and then wrap it around your headband. Repeat this step with as many flowers as you desire, and once finished you'll have a wonderfully outfitted floral headband.

Featured on the blog Magical Monkey Business, this super simple DIY project is perfect for those looking to add some new accessories to their wardrobe on a budget.