From Jeweled Bohemian Headbands to Golden Bridal Flats

 - Jul 18, 2014
While some brides prefer to be very simple on their big day, others like to load up on the wedding accessories in order to make a bigger statement. Whatever the case may be, this collection of wedding accessories will help brides and grooms choose the perfect embellishments for their elegant ensembles. No outfit is complete without a little bling, after all.

From traditional wedding accessories including shimmering white shoes, bejeweled hairpieces and even lacy garters to more atypical choices such as pottery shard earrings, bridal flip flops and delicate floral gloves, women with all sorts of tastes will find something that suits them. There are myriad of ways to personalize a wedding dress and suit, these examples of wedding accessories set happy couples down the right path to doing just that.