The 'Gorjess' Heart Pendant is Miniaturized Puzzle For Your Pals

 - May 2, 2013
References: etsy
Usually when a heart is broken in multiple places, it isn't considered a good thing, but for the'Gorjess' Heart Pendant, it's all part of the design.

The pendant consists of give individual pieces made of Argentium silver that can be worn apart, but when joined, form a full heart. The pieces may vary in size, but they all fit seamlessly together in a sentimental shape. If friendship bracelets that obnoxiously state the words best and friends are not your style, this pendant is a more subtle way to showcase your friendships or lasting bonds. Those who you consider your best friends already know it, and don't need visual cues for reassurance. This Gorjess heart pendant also makes a killer bridesmaids gift that is not tacky, and is so versatile it can be worn on an everyday basis.

For those ladies who help you put the pieces of your heart back together, give them a piece of your heart in return. It may seem cheesy, but it's also heartwarming.