- Aug 31, 2015
These foodie accessories are sure to appeal to all kinds of food lovers. Whether a fan of junk food or produce, these pieces make food-promoting style a fashion movement to indulge in.

While pizza fans can find comfort in Glenda Lopez pepperoni pizza necklace -- as well as The Lazy Oaf's pizza friendship necklace -- burger enthusiasts can enjoy Mary Rebecca's hot hamburger ring. These foodie accessories also include sweet and stylish dessert jewelry such as Candice Ware's collection of scented dessert jewelry as well as the Heather Wells Food Earrings collection which feature pie, eclair and cheesecake earrings.

Foodie accessories are not only limited to sweets and junk food. Pineapple arm cuffs and oversized watermelon necklaces also make great hunger-inducing statement pieces.

From Breaded Earrings to Pizza Friendship Necklaces: