This Miniature Food Jewelry by Etsy Shop 'Tadam' is Decadent

 - Jun 22, 2013
References: etsy & etsy.tumblr
These miniature food jewelry pieces by Tadam Jewelry are extremely decadent accessories. Miniature doughnuts are not hard to come by on Etsy, but this shop brings an extra dose of decadence to these pieces by dipping them in gold and platinum.

The "flavors" of each doughnut are carefully considered, sold with names like Milky Mini Donut with Poppy Seeds in Golden Glaze. These carefully considered flavors have realistic textures and lacquers that make them look just like real doughnuts.

Each doughnut pendant comes carefully packaged in a tiny box, as if you just hand-picked one of these treats from a confectionery. Thankfully, each box is imprinted with a reminder that these creations are inedible, because it sure is tempting to want to take a bite.