The Butcher's Necklace is a Great Item for a BBQ

 - Nov 1, 2012
References: etsy
If your love for meat is so intense that one of your dream jobs includes cutting up slabs of meat, then you'll probably love The Butcher's Necklace. This fun necklace would be the perfect accessory to sport at a BBQ party or perhaps with a Dexter-themed Halloween costume.

The Butcher's Necklace is adorned with all the necessary items you'd see a butcher holding. It's adorned with a big slab of meat and a heavy-duty metal cleaver. Etsy seller Shay Aaron created this awesome meat-inspired piece and made it available on a sterling silver chain. Aaron has tons of food and utensil inspired jewels on her Etsy page.

This would be a fun accessory gift for any meat-loving gal.