From Crayolaic Sunnies to Designer Rainbow Laces

 - Jun 4, 2015
These raver accessories are perfect for the upcoming festival season. With technicolor hair pieces and retro knapsacks, these accessories can be the perfect accent any raver ensemble.

While recycled rainbow belts are a keen accessory choice, glittery flamboyant footwear can be worn post festival season. 90s style is refashioned with a Luna cat backpack which can carry all raver essentials while completing the flamboyant look. For raver-friendly eye protection, rainbow drop shades and multicolored sunglasses make a statement and provide quality protection from the sun's rays.

Though most raver fashion is adorned in a multicolored aesthetic, there are more subtle raver accessories. Iridescent oyster accessories show off a sleek holographic design while eye-popping timekeepers offer bright colors in a more exclusive color palette.