Octavia Xiao Zi Yang's Kou Line Fuses European and Asian Inspirations

Chinese jewelry designer Octavia Xiao Zi Yang's 'Kou' collection marries European and Asian inspirations. Speaking to her heritage, the designer creates a range of opulent accessories that are displayed in a palette of varying hues.

The designer's latest collection "revolves around a symbolic element of Asian beauty, the button (kou in Chinese), which for over 500 years has been embellishing the cheongsam, the traditional Chinese garment, and by extension, is also the culture's symbol of femininity."

Octavia Xiao Zi Yang's striking accessories are made from a combination of sandalwood, gold-plated brass, handmade silk ribbons and Swarowski Elements. The designer mixes her Asian heritage with the flare of European design in her latest lookbook that features colored wigs, reminiscent of a raver aesthetic.