From Mabled Surfboards to Historic Surf Culture Catalogs

 - Dec 13, 2014
When searching for surfer gift ideas, you're sure to impress with products from this diverse list. Surf culture is the inspiration behind countless products that include sporting equipment, apparel and even furniture that is constructed using recycled boards.

Standouts from this list of surfer gift ideas include Stewart Surfboards' Night Stalker board that is illuminated with built-in LEDs. The board allows surfers to ride the waves at night while having visibility during nightfall.

Another favorite from this surfer gift list includes designer Alexander Wang's collaboration with Australian surf brand Haydenshapes. His custom surfboards are fully functional and fashion-forward thanks to their marbled designs that resemble natural stone textures. The boards are displayed in white, grey and black tones and will appeal to style enthusiasts with an affinity for sports.