Belgian Marbles Surfboards are for the Intellectual Wave-Rider

 - Aug 3, 2012
References: campolipresti & remodelista
These Belgian Marbles Surfboards serve a different purpose to that of the genuine boards you see decorating ocean-side restaurants and beach houses. These are not functional objects and they never have been -- in terms of use as actual sporting equipment anyway.

Finely cut and smoothed by the international artist collective Reena Spaulings, these exquisite sculptures feature the organic aesthetic beauty of Rosa Portogallo and Portoro stones. Veins, cracks and areas of discoloration give the ebony and the eggshell pieces a textural richness, complemented by the gentle curves of their contours.

The Belgian Marbles Surfboards lean gracefully against the walls of the Roman Indipendenza Studio gallery and in the makers' own exhibition spaces. They cannot be used for the wave-riding activity they represent, but they make beautiful ornamental pieces.