- Sep 3, 2014
These luxurious sport innovations range from custom-crafted skateboards to basketball equipment that is priced at a $13 000 rate.

Professional sports and luxury often go hand in hand and this list is sure to appeal to the athletics fan with expensive tastes and an appreciation for quality.

Memorable examples from this list of luxury sport innovations include Chanel's tennis racquet and football products that are a fashionable take on classic sports equipment. While tennis is usually associated with elegance and status, the sport of football is often synonymous with rugged and unruly men. This luxe concept from Chanel changes football's popular associations and adds an element of sophistication to the sport.

Another memorable example from the list are MacDaddy's gold and diamond fishing lures. The accessories are a luxe take on the hobby and range from the $40.00 to $1,000,000.00 price point.

From $13 000 Basketballs to Handcrafted Skateboard Designs: