This Gold-Plated Skateboard Provides Glittering Transportation

 - Apr 8, 2014
References: shutnyc & luxurylaunches
For people who want to show off their wealth, gold is a great way to do so, and this gold-plated skateboard is a great way to display wealth while coasting around the city.

At $15,000, this skateboard is a skater's dream deck. As you roll down the city on a sunny day you will splash pristine yellow light around them. Though this skateboard is luxurious, you would be hard-pressed to do any tricks on it; as the weight of the gold will hold your board to the ground.

With such a beautiful piece work, you would not want to damage and scratch the gold. Finding a scratch would make you want to weep as a blemish tarnishes the beauty and splendor of this gold-plates skateboard.