From Adorable Sci-Fi Statuettes to Villainous Sci-Fi Bear Toys

 - Nov 3, 2015
These geeky Star Wars toys are collectible playthings the entire family can enjoy. From adorable plush toys to stunning figurines, these Star Wars items are sure to bring out the sci-fi nerd in everyone.

Medicom Toy's Darth Vader Bearbrick toy is a see-through figurine that showcases the evil villain like never before. Jeffrey Brown's Star Wars figurines also display a different side of Vader unseen by most sci-fi fans. LEGO is a popular toy enjoyed by all ages and with LEGO's Galaxy Gun and 'The Force Awakens' set, the popular toy is made to be science fiction-friendly.

In terms of soft plushies, these geeky Star Wars toys include Petco's Star Wars chew toys for pets and the BB-8 Plush.