This Remote Controlled Mouse Droid is an Original Star Wars Character

 - Oct 19, 2016
References: wdwnt & io9.gizmodo
With the resurgence of the Star Wars franchise thanks to the new series of films from Disney, it was only a matter of time before relatively obscure characters from throughout the franchise's history -- like the Mouse Droid -- made appearances as merchandise. The Mouse Droid toy will arrive to Disney Park stores in mid-December, just in time to get snapped up as a cute stocking stuffer.

Fans of the original Star Wars film will remember the Mouse Droid, even though the imperial robot only made an appearance for less than 15 seconds. It made good use of its time though, with a memorably funny scene. In the film, Chewbacca and the heroes are walking through the Death Star and the robot approaches. Confronted by Chewie's formidable stature and loud roar, the Mouse Droid squeaks in fear before rolling away.