From Bold Artistic Skateboards to World Cup-Inspired Skateboards

 - Dec 14, 2015
There was a time when young skaters decorated their boards with stickers and spraypaint, but with these contemporary skate decks, all the artistic details are applied before they are purchased.

While fans of a retro aesthetic can enjoy Supreme's E.T skate deck as well as 5BORONYC's VHS-inspired decks, modern art enthusiasts can marvel at the Andy Warhol Campbell's Soup decks as well as the Jean-Michel Basquiat boards. These contemporary skate decks also include extremely colorful decks such as Matthew Bromley's cartoony monster skateboards and the Michael Willis x Mood mixed medium skate decks.

Moreover, contemporary skate decks are also inclusive of truly artistic pieces such as Boom Art's limited-edition medieval times boards and Magnetic Kitchen's laser-etched creations.