The VHS Skateboard Series is Highly Nostalgic

 - Sep 10, 2014
References: 5boronyc.myshopify & designboom
The VHS skateboard series pays homage to the humble video cassette. Kids born in the 21st century barely know what a VHS tape is but everyone else feels a strong sense of nostalgia about the pre-DVD days, when one had to place a cumbersome cassette in its slot, hit play and rewind the cassette to the beginning. This sentiment is being revived by the 5BORONYC skateboard and apparel brand, which took popular VHS cover sleeve artwork and placed it on skate decks.

The VHS skateboards feature the classic golden gradients, dated typography and abstract colors and shapes reminiscent of the mid-1990s. The series consists of weight designs, all of which serve as a throwback to the video cassette era while giving you a unique style on the streets and ramps.Photo Credits: designboom, 5boronyc.myshopify