- May 15, 2015
Getting involved in a new exercise regimen can be an expensive undertaking, but thankfully the Internet has plenty of ideas for great accessible fitness hacks. You don't need to buy every single piece of expensive gear when you're starting out or as your equipment deteriorates, for much of it can be made by you from bits and pieces around your very own home.

If you need a handy way to transport your yoga mat, why not try knotting up your own from a lengthy piece of rope? If you're into cycling all season long, try wrapping cable ties around your tires to help them grip after an overnight snowfall. A particularly clever solution to homemade dumbbells comes from custom caps with handles that connect to standard plastic water bottles. These fitness hacks demonstrate that designers and consumers are getting crafty about making cheap athletic equipment and sporting accessories. This may be reflective in the rising prices of workout products and gym memberships––a note to retailers that many customers would rather be resourceful.

From Water Bottle Weights to DIY Yoga Mat Straps: