Atypical Transforms Old School Skateboards into Contemporary Rides

 - Nov 16, 2012
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Atypical is an Italian shop focused on creating quality old school skateboards with contemporary appeal.

All of the decks are made in-house and handmade with fine quality wood from ash trees. The boards are designed with vintage surf culture in mind. Skate culture originated in California and the Italian brand is attempting to stay true to the product's roots while imputing Italian craftsmanship and finer materials.

The actual boards are sleek, modern and made with a vintage cut. The nose of each board is peeked and the body resembles a small surfboard, instead of the commonly produced rounded version found in most skate shops. They are decorated with clean white stripes and minimal splashes in color or changes in wood grain.

Atypical old school skateboards is a company with a modern interpretation of the sport. It takes from its history and brings its products into the future.