The RipSurfer X Promotes a Lean and Toned Physique

 - Sep 29, 2014
References: surfsetfitness & neatorama
Surfing is an intense full body workout that produces strong lean bodies many people would love to have; this surfboard exercise machine helps them achieve such a desire. Dubbed the RipSurfer X, it simulates the rocking motion of waves to engage the core as well as other muscle groups not often triggered when using a stationary bicycle or treadmill.

Designed by Nick Hartwick, a professional hockey player, and manufactured by SurfSET Fitness, the surfboard exercise machine was created to help maintain his surfing physique during the hockey season. He says, "I would quickly bulk up and lose the lean and toned physique that surfing gave me—no other workout could compare. Then it hit me. I’ll design a machine to mimic the workout that I got while surfing.