From Kinetic Standing Desks to Easy Exercise Stools

 - Jun 25, 2015
These fitness-focused furniture examples range from kinetic standing desks to easy exercise stools that are designed to encourage physical activity levels. For today's young professional, a standard workday consists of an average of eight hour sitting time, a habit that can lead to serious health risks down the road.

Aiming to break these unhealthy habits, new age workplaces are not only instilling workout breaks and outdoor brainstorming sessions but are also ensuring their employees are given access to ergonomic furniture solutions.

In addition to adjustable and treadmill-accented standing desks, other standouts include bulbous seats that improve balance and stools that are said to aid in correct posture. In addition, fitness-focused furniture pieces like human hamster wheels and workout-friendly couches may seem far-fetched at first glance but are proven to affect productivity, posture and one's overall health.