Side Table Rowing Machine Furnishes the Home and Facilitates Fitness

 - Jan 21, 2015
References: ramandrow.tumblr & likecool
I've seen some pretty clever hybrid furnishings, but nothing quite like this side table rowing machine. While most designers who create composite objects are working to unify related functions, the Ram & Row makes a complete transformation from furniture to exercise equipment.

Patrick Saint-Martin designed this object to look inconspicuously simple as it rests in its most compact configuration. It resembles a basic wooden cabinet that's seemingly solid, thanks to its very slight seams between each fold-out component. Pick it up, though, and you'll notice that the box begins to come apart like an accordion, enabling you to extend its base into a long platform with tracks. The top of the end table turns into a seat and handles can be fed through. The invention of this side table rowing machine is indicative of the increasing demand for convenient home contraptions that don't take up much -- or really any -- space.