This Work Pod From Orrb Technologies Features a Futuristic Design

 - Jan 14, 2015
References: orrb & fastcoexist
Designed to reduce stress at work, this work pod has a futuristic and unconventional design. The Orrb is a cocoon-like bubble that allows you to relax and separate yourself from the outside world and regular office environment.

The isolation it provides allows you to be yourself again and reset. Orrb Technologies founder Lee McCormack argues open plan office environments encroach on the personal space of employees. He feels the work pod is necessary because "we're so bombarded with information overload" and require more privacy at work. It is similar to the Nutshell portable napping pods in this way.

The capsule contains a lounge chair with filtered air and noise cancellation technology. A screen encourages you to partake in a breathing exercise and offers a five minute guided meditation. Self-development modules are also available.