The Balance Stool by Darryl Agawin Provides an Unstable Surface For the Core

 - Jan 13, 2015
References: darrylagawin & fastcoexist
Fitness furniture has been becoming more of a norm as people attempt to combat the negative effects of sitting down all day, yet this Balance Stool is still a welcomed design. Simple yet versatile, it offers an unstable surface to force people to work their core as their sit on it. Yet the Balance Stool can also be converted into a classic seat by taking off the top.

Designed by Darryl Agawin, the Balance Stool stands out due to its chic aesthetic, which is much more pleasing to the eye than big and colorful stability balls. The Balance Stool also helps correct people's posture, "The moment that you slouch, you sort of get thrown off balance."