From Surfboard Exercise Machines to Surfboard Beach Chairs

 - Jul 2, 2015
These stylish surfboard innovations reveal unique materials used to create traditional surfboards as well unique ways to use surfboards as alternative accessories such as furniture sets.

Surfing is a popular water sport that can be enjoyed at any age. One stylish surfboard innovation comes in the form of an 100 percent Agave surfboard. This board was created by Jose Cuervo and surfboard maker Gary Linden. Other interesting surfboard materials include cork and wood, which are both non-traditional materials. While unusual materials keep surfing exciting, there are other uses for surfboards that require no water at all. Hayden Cox used surfboards in an artistic expression to create an entire exhibit that showcased his love and passion for this water sport.

Whether a surfboard is used to catch a wave or as the backrest of a chair, there are many ways to use this piece of sporting equipment.