The Giulio Iacchetti Surfph-o-Morph Designs Source from Sea Creatures

 - Mar 29, 2014
References: giulioiacchetti &
The Giulio Iacchetti Surfph-o-Morph was put together in collaboration with Francesco A. Fiorentio of the Surfer's Den. In looking at the surfboard designs, the subtle variances of in the way that the boards and the fins are shaped reveals that they were inspired by a killer whale, dolphin and a shark. The coloring of the boards also hints at this, with the killer whale-inspired board being black, the dolphin-like board being gray and the angular shark board a darker shade of gray.

Considering that these marine mammals move so elegantly throughout the water, using a little biomimicry in these designs to emulate their forms will hopefully provide surfers with the same kind of ease of mobility when riding the waves.