The NOCQUA 2000 Offers illumination for Nighttime Watersports

 - Jul 23, 2013
References: w3sh & damngeeky
Going out on the water at night in a boat or kayak isn't just unsafe, but also exceedingly difficult to navigate given the lowlight conditions, which are two aspects the NOCQUA 2000 looks to dramatically decrease by offering underwater illumination.

The NOCQUA 2000 straps onto the hull of a kayak, boat or the bottom of a surfboard and instantly shines its bright LED lights outward to illuminate the surrounding area to make things a little less dark. Moreover, the NOCQUA 2000 helps to make the rider easily spotted by passing vessels or people on land.

In heavily populated areas, getting time to yourself on the water can sometimes be difficult, but with the NOCQUA 2000 and a spotter on-shore, you'll be able to go out safely at dusk or even later.