The Silver Arrow of the Sea Brings Class to the Curl

 - Feb 7, 2014
References: mbusa & designboom
The Silver Arrow of the Sea is about to make surfing the latest luxury sport. Golf had a good run, but when this board hits the waves, surfing is going to get a lot of high-class attention.

Mercedes-Benz is a name most people are very aware of. Whether or not one actually likes the brand or its vehicles, there is no arguing Mercedes makes classy rides. In a move that nobody saw coming, Mercedes has just released a surfboard for sponsored athlete Garrett McNamara. Prior to this board, Mercedes only supported Garret on the roads, but now the company has his back in the water as well.

The Silver Arrow of the Sea is all silver and black and looks more metallic than anything else. The design is beautiful and sleek but what's more is that the board has its own built-in telemetry system so Garrett will always be able to measure his own performance. Photo Credits: designboom, mbusa