From Mood-Enhancing LED Lamps to Cloud-Based Conferencing Tools

 - Mar 17, 2016
These intuitive office innovations range from mood-enhancing desk lamps to cloud-based conferencing tools that help co-workers stay connected with peers across the globe. Notable examples include mood-sensing lighting systems that are automatically customized to correspond with different times of day along with workplace visual networks that act as a helpful toolkit for designers looking to revamp a corporate space.

Other standouts include high-tech concepts like resolution-enhancing and personal assistant robots that are designed to enhance productivity while encouraging workers to stick to daily goals and their to-do-list. A great way to avoid work distractions as well as unhealthy eating habits, the MOTI robot reminds users to stick to a daily routine rather than straying from it.

Similarly, high tech office tools like pocket sized computer remotes make presentations more interactive and engaging while allowing users to access information from virtually anywhere.