Mike Grobelny Increases the Value of an Easily Disposable Object

 - May 17, 2012
References: cargocollective & core77
It is not often that something as traditional and simple as the surfboard undergoes a radical change, but Mike Grobelny undertook the challenge to create something stunningly beautiful and fully functional. More than that, Mike Grobelny encourages people to view the surfboard as a treasured item that can last as long as a lifetime rather than replaced because of damage or the desire for the latest product on the market.

Mike Grobelny designed a wooden surfboard that boasts a paulownia body, bamboo deck and saligna fins. The defining feature of this board, however, is the honeycomb detail that runs along one of its side. Mike Grobelny observes how its "beautiful form and natural materials moves the surfboard from a relatively short-lived disposable sport product to a treasured artifact, increasing its inherent value and challenging the disposable mentality prevailing in current surf-culture."