From Architecture to Marketing, Bees are Bugs with Serious Influence

 - May 6, 2013
Bees are insects that many tend to overlook, but their influence is evident on so many different facets of our human existence and this list of bee-inspired products goes to show that we have taken much from our honey-producing friends.

On a whole, insects are fascinating creatures because they often operate and perform tasks that see them exercising incredible precision and skill. But the reason that bees are a particularly interesting bug to look at is because many of their specific innovations, designs and even foods have been replicated and imitated by humans in order to harness this bug's incredible intelligence.

From mega cannabis concoctions that see blunt rollers using honey as adhesive to ultra impressive architectural designs that are modeled after honey combs, these bee-inspired products are great examples of the ingenuity we borrow from other species.