Celebrate Your Marijuana Holiday with the World's Biggest Blunt

 - Apr 22, 2013
References: youtube
As stoners around the world get ready to celebrate the international pot smoking holiday known as 4/20, some are making sure they're more ready than ever by preparing gigantic cannibus treats like the world's bigges blunt constructed by rappers Big Lou, Lil-O and Big Riggz.

Most 4/20 celebrators get ready for this monumental day by building their stash of marijuana-related paraphernalia. These rappers however, came up with the clever idea of combing dozens of cigar-rolling papers together using honey to roll what they have deemed as the world's biggest blunt.

There's no telling if Big Lou, Lil-O and Big Riggz will be able to consume this on their own, but since marijuana treats like this one are meant to be shared with others, I'm sure there will be no problem.