From Time Machine-Scented Candles to Mexican Cuisine Candles

 - Dec 1, 2015
Fragranced candles can do a lot to set the atmosphere, but it is unlikely you will find these scented options at your nearest mall. Many are inspired by pop culture, while others take after odorous food items. One was even designed with a social message.

Music, movies and television shows are all designed to entertain us and engage at least one of our senses. Some creative Etsy users have taken it upon themselves to imagine what they might smell like as well. The result is fragranced candles inspired by Taylor Swift's Blank Space, the Tardis from Doctor Who and Tatooine in Star Wars. Others have turned to video games, books and poets for inspiration.

Many people use scented candles to mask the smell of particularly fragrant foods. However, some of these smell like the foods you might try to hide.

This turn shows an appreciation for novelty items and experiential fandom.