The Burrito Scented Candle Will Have you Dreaming of Lunchtime

 - Nov 16, 2014
References: thegreenhead & thegreenhead
While the idea of a candle that smells like food seems a bit outlandish considering most people use them as a source of light or to mask the smell of cooking, the Burrito Scented Candle will have you ready to eat in no time. Featuring the distinct notes of spicy ground beef, cumin, cayenne pepper, cilantro, guacamole and onion, the Burrito Scented Candle is sure to leave some curious and others grossed out.

Coming directly from none other than The Stinky Candle Co., the Burrito Scented Candle is likely to be just that when light in your home; a bit stinky, but a whole lot of deliciousness when you're considering where to go for dinner. Be sure to use caution as the Burrito Scented Candle does not taste like it smells (someone had to learn the hard way).