Amnesty International Sent Tear Gas Scented Candles to Protest Its Use

In an attempt to protest against the use of tear gas on innocent Turkish protestors, Amnesty International created tear gas scented candles. These candles were harmless, but were meant to remind people of its horrible use and help gather support against law enforcement's insensitive use of it. Many government protestors were injured, with some killed because of the use of tear gas.

To recreate the atmosphere of earlier protests, tear gas scented candles were sent to a variety of individuals, from ordinary people to journalists and activists. Without any media exposure prior, a simple hashtag written on the candle went viral and memories were shared on social media. The social media campaign managed to reach thousands just through its presence online. Through the experiential marketing and social awareness campaign, Amnesty International was able to generate widespread support against violent government acts through simply triggering a memory.